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The Law Office of Marlow Law, LLC will handle all of your domestic-family law needs, including, but not limited to:


  • Limited Divorce/Absolute Divorce

    • All facets surrounding no-fault and fault divorce cases, Limited Divorce, Absolute Divorce, Alimony/Spousal Support, Use and Possession of the Family Home and Family Use Personal Property, Marital Property Division, Monetary Awards

  • Child Custody

    • Establishment, Modification, and Contempt/Enforcement

  • Child Access/Child Visitation

    • Establishment, Modification, and Contempt/Enforcement

  • Child Support

    • Establishment, Modification, and Contempt/Enforcement

  • Prenuptial Agreements

  • Marital Settlement Agreements

  • Enforcement Proceedings

    • Breach of Contract, Specific Performance, and Contempt Proceedings

  • Adoption

    • Private, Independent Adoptions, Step-Parent Adoptions, and Department of Social Services Adoptions

  • Guardianship

    • Court-appointed Guardians of the Person and/or Property for Minors, the Elderly, and the Disabled

  • Domestic Violence

    • Protective Orders in both the District Court and Circuit Court

    • Peace Orders

    • Shielding of Protective Orders and Peace Orders

  • Department of Social Services (DSS) and Child Protective Service (CPS) Appeals

    • Appeals from the Findings of the Department of Social Service (DSS) and Child Protective Service (CPS) Investigations.

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